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The 2020 report ranks Michigan utilities on measures of reliability, affordability and environmental impact.

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November 5, 2021

State Government Resources

The State Government provides several worthwhile resources for consumers:

  • Michigan Public Service Commission Consumer Information 
    • Get important safety tips
    • File inquiries or complaints about their utilities
    • Get assistance with utility payments
    • Find out how to contact your utility 
    • Comment on cases that affect your utility bills
    • Find out how to switch natural gas or electric providers
    • And more...

Federal Government Resources

Utility Rebates

There are a number of rebates available to Michigan consumers who invest in the energy efficiency of their homes:

Useful Blog Posts:

Do you ever wonder how your monthly energy bill is calculated? Or how to lower your bill? Do you ever wish you had a say in the process? Are you curious about the equity implications of how it’s structured? If you answered yes to any of these questions, click the link below for an introduction to rate cases.

Michigan Rate Case Primer

By Ariana Gonzalez of NRDC

CUBs in Other States

Citizens Utility Boards in other states have a number of resources available to consumers that Michigan residents will find useful.