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How can I get involved in Michigan Public Service Commission cases that affect me?

Members of the public can file comments on any case that is before the commission. For example, if a utility is proposing to place a new charge on its customers, that request will become a case before the commission as they decide whether or not to approve it. You can submit a comment that will become part of the public case record and be read by the commissioners.

Directions on how to submit a comment by mail or email are here. The trickiest part is that your submission must include the number for the case in question. Finding the case number can be a bit of a chore. One way is to go to the MPSC’s online library of cases and sort by date filed to find the case you are looking for. This is also where you will find filings in the case as they come in, such as testimony from the utility, testimony from intervening groups, public comments like yours and orders from the MPSC.

Another way is to look up active rate cases listed on CUB’s site, which includes the case number for all cases. We can’t keep up with every single case that comes before the MPSC, but we try to keep the site up to date with the most important ones, especially any that involve a rate increase.